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The Connected Foosball Table




Volkswagen, the official partner of the French football team briefed us to create a new type of experience for the most passionate people in the world : the fans. The objective was to showcase the technical prowess of VW, but also how deeply the brand cares about people.

We set out to create something unique: an experience that brings the most famous players in France closer to the fans. We started out with the ultimate fan fantasy: what if you could influence the game of your favourite team and help them win? Of course, we could not do this in real, but there was another way. Foosball.

In a process that took over 4 months, we designed and created the first connected Foosball table. Fully digital and interactive, it offered much more than a regular foosball table. We added “takeovers” to an interactive version of a classical foosball game. Takeovers are different arcade modes that fans could trigger while watching a live game. Each takeover influenced the game or helped a side. To launch the prototype, we did a beta testing event in which 4 players of the French football team played against each other.