The Beauty of The World




Doctors of the World wanted to raise money during Holiday Season. And more over, at the end of a year made of wars (mostly the Syrian one), natural disasters and epidemics, they wanted to convey a message of hope.

We wanted to raise money, but not use on the usual lever of making not to make people feel guilty. We kept the message positive. In the darkest hours, there is still hope. For every terrible act, there are people out there doing selfless acts, helping each-other, revealing this beauty. That anyone can do good. Just like Doctors of the World’s volunteers. And like the millions of people who have donated to Doctors of the World for 36 years.

« The Beauty of the World » plays on an apparent paradox. On the idea that you can find some true beauty in the darkest places in the world. It is up to everyone to help create that beauty.

Globally, online, the film got 4 million views, and received 35,000 likes and over 11,000 shares on Facebook. Moreover, Doctors of the World surpassed their fundraising goals, raising 1.2M euros during the campaign, a 4% increase over the previous year.