The Thin Red Path




In February 2017, Ubisoft launched a new video game license : “For Honor” 
a multiplayer action fighting game in which the gamer is immersed into the the heart of an epic battle. The player can choose between 3 warriors : a Knight, a Viking or a Samurai and lead them into an epic and gory medieval combat.

The world of “For Honor” is harsh, yet adorned with beautiful wildlands, grandiose landmarks, and majestic ruins and epic battles. The brief was to create awareness around this brand new game license in a hyper competitive market of already existing franchises. “The Thin Red Path” is the game’s first trailer, designed to create awareness of the new universe.  
Instead of a trailer that simply showcases the game itself, we wanted to add more depth to the story by adding a more profound meaning to the story. That’s why we decided to explain the true meaning of the words “For Honor”. “The Thin Red Path" is a powerful visual metaphor that describes in a grim way the reality of what honor truly is to a Warrior: it’s not so much a gilded path to glory as a merciless road, full of blood spilled battle after battle, right up to a death, as brutal as it is inevitable.