In the Heart of the Battle




In February 2017, Ubisoft launched a new video game license : “For Honor” 
a multiplayer action fighting game in which the gamer is immersed into the the heart of an epic battle. The player can choose between 3 warriors : a Knight, a Viking or a Samurai and lead them into an epic and gory medieval combat.

For the launch, we had to create awareness around this brand new game license in a hyper competitive market of already existing franchises. We also had to show how incredibly realistic the game feels.

We created “In The Heart of The Battle”, an immersive 360 VR experience that plunges the viewer directly on the battlefield. We follow a Knight as he fights through swarms of enemies. It’s a disorienting and chaotic experience, true to the feeling of a real battlefield. There is nothing beautiful here : swords clash, fire rains from the sky and blood is shed. Throughout the experience, a voiceover which is an ode to Honor serves as a counterpoint to the chaos on the battlefield.

Please watch the VR experience in the right conditions with a VR headset, ideally an Oculus Rift – the case film does not do justice to the craft and attention to detail.