In A Play Doh World



In 2016, for its 60th Anniversary, Playdoh launched a new worldwide communication platform focused on one word: « imagination ». In a world of apps and digital entertainment, we had to show that Play-Doh is still a wonderful way for kids to express themselves and develop their imagination.

We started with a very simple, yet universal idea: when kids play - and especially when they play with something like modeling clay - they build their own stories. Their own world, where anything is possible, even if it totally contradicts the laws of universe.
That is how the « World of Playdoh » was born. We then simply had to explore it.

The craft was super important to us. We wanted every square centimeter of the ads to be 100% Playdoh’s DNA. The image, the typo and even the logo are all hand made. In such a manner that not only kids would be amazed, but their parents as well. In fact, we wanted that adults feel like kids again in front of the print ads. We wanted the posters to be like a Christmas window.

It started with some dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of drawings, to shape every character, every animal, every detail. It followed with a huge work on colors, made on computer this time, to be sure of every piece’s tone. Then came the time to model clay and it changed a few grown-ups into kids. Months of extremely precise, yet joyful work, for each visual, tagline and logo. Finally, every piece was shot in studio.