Free - 5 Years of Unlimited

The joys of unlimited calls, sms and data.


After lengthy negotiations with the European Parliament, Free Mobile was the fourth mobile network operator to obtain a license in France, a market split between 3 historical companies often accused of being monopolists.

Free Mobile was launched in 2012 with an unbelievable offer: For €20 a month you had unlimited calls and text messages within France and to 39 other countries. Free revolutionized and democratized the mobile providers market. Because of Free, all the network operators had to lower their prices and aligned their offers; France became the cheapest European phone market.
But the company hasn't rested on these laurels.

In March 2017, its disruptive CEO announced a new crazy offer: Starting today, Free subscribers get unlimited data. Once again, the competitors are shaking.
To launch this offer, we wanted to remind people that it’s largely because of Free mobile that they can use today their phones without any limits.