A World with No Heroes



Website Link: https://noheroes.ghostrecon.com/en-GB/index.html

After more than 5 years of absence, Ubisoft were relaunching the “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon” franchise, a military tactical shooter.
In “Wildlands”, the new installment in the franchise, you control 4 elite soldiers called Ghosts. The objective: take down a Bolivian cartel.

What if a video game world was alive and breathing, before the players have even arrived?
This was the starting point for our concept. We wanted to bring to life the game world before the game launches and provoke the players to want to come and bring justice to a world ruled by a merciless Cartel.

To showcase this massive open-world, we made an immersive website featuring the entire 3D map of the game. On this map, gamers explored different environments, day by night, thanks to 50 surveillance cameras streaming more than 8 hours of exclusive videos captured in-game.  A second map revealed data about cocaine traffic, money earned by the Cartel and the cost of human life.

To document this world, we approached it in a completely new way: like journalists. If the world was to feel real, we had to document it in the most neutral way, just like documentary film makers. The result is something entirely new: a documentary on a virtual world, produced only by capturing in-game footage. During the game’s development, we spent 3 months exploring every area of the map and looking for the most iconic landscapes, explored the lives and rituals of the everyday people and of course witnessed the rampage of a criminal cartel left unchecked.

To immerse gamers further, we created several missions for gamers who could gather intel on the game factions before the launch.